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Giving the personal touch to AC care
and maintenance

Trust the Experts for Personalized AC care

Giving a new perspective to AC care – ACPeople don’t just service air conditioners, we energize and rejuvenate indoors. Our passion and professionalism extends beyond annual maintenance contracts, we provide personalized solutions for any brand or type of air conditioning system. Where others provide temporary fixes, we do in-depth analysis and provide holistic solutions.


We are passionate about providing superior user experience by bringing in most advanced technology into air
conditioner service.


Personalized attention to cus tomer needs and concerns is the key differentiator in our business. We go the extra mile by understanding unique needs of the customer and proposing perfect air conditioning solution

Personal care

Professionalism and personal care come together for maintaining purity of the air you breathe. Deep rooted professionalism is what drives our team of expert techni cians and cooling experts.


The team driven by dynamism and passion

ACPeople – where technical expertise and professionalism co-exist. We are experts not just in providing air conditioning solutions for home or offices, but in delivering comprehensive solu tions for large malls and hospitals. From AC service to sales; from installation to dismantling our technicians are well versed with all aspects of AC care. We think beyond air conditioning and work towards providing a cleaner and purer indoor environment.

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